Monday, March 16, 2009

How to and how not to critique a videogame

How to:

NY Times

How not to:


My response to "How not to" reproduced from the comments on that site (Original text before editing down for word limit):

Mr. Hutchinson,

I see you wrote a book called "How Obama Won". I haven't read it yet, but from what I've heard second-hand and my own preconceived notions of the medium and those who enjoy it, I know it's racist. Wee, this yellow journalism thing is fun. I could go into everything people will mention about RE1-3 being in the U.S and RE4 being in Spain. I could say that the main character is the only (read: *ONLY*) good white person in the game. The other 3 members of his team that we meet are Arab or Black. Every other white person is evil. More evil than the zombies in fact because the zombies are innocents who have been infected by... that's right the white people. So to be fair, black people are either good or victims. White people are all evil except one guy (read: *ONE GUY*).

I'm not going to go into those things because every other self respecting gamer who wanders in here will mention them. What I will mention is this, . Seth had the crazy idea to actually play the game. He realized that knowing a subject before judging it is important because otherwise, it's fear mongering. All this talk about racism has made me bored, so let's change the subject: ageism.

Hutch, when you are ready to put down your walker, I've got a controller for you. Guess what you can even play RE4 for the PS2 on a PS3! That's like being able to put video tapes into a DVD player. How awesome is that? For those reading remember, judging that which we do not know is ignorance. Judging that which we don't even care to know is almost invariably one of the -ism.

The Irreverent Gamer out

TIG out